Friday, March 11, 2011

Adobe Flash Is Doomed, Says Firefox VP

Mike Schuster wrote:
"To say Mozilla's Jay Sullivan has an opinion about Adobe Flash would be an understatement,"
"As the company's VP of products, Sullivan is as aware as anyone about Flash's toll on Firefox. Prior to the browser's implementation of crash protection last June, Flash was responsible for more crashes than any other plug-in, according to Computerworld."

"Today, Sullivan has adopted Apple's stance on Flash — decidedly con. He maintains that HTML5 will be the future of multimedia content, as more developers begin migrating to the platform. Freeing both designers and users from what Sullivan calls 'plug-in prison,' HTML5 will run natively without the need to install an external application,"

"And as a huge advocate of HTML5, Mozilla will make it the central focus of Firefox 4 — which is due to launch soon. 'HTML5 is the longer-term answer,' Sullivan explained to Fast Company."

The full article here.

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