Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Computerworld reviews Apple’s iPad 2: ‘The Holy Grail of computing’

Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld, "After a year of using that device, and speaking to other iPad owners… I have to say that the iPad may really be the closest thing to a perfect computer. I don't say that lightly, either," deAgonia writes. "If we were to define the Holy Grail of computing… it would be a device that can be pretty much anything to anyone — at home or at work — turn on instantly and operate day in and day out, without maintenance, fear of malware, or the need to troubleshoot. And it has to be portable, preferably held in a single hand. That, to me, is the Holy Grail of computing: a device not based around a checklist of hardware specs, but one that actually gets out of the way of doing stuff. Until the iPad arrived last year, such a device existed only in science fiction. The updated iPad 2, in concert with the App Store and a growing ecosystem of peripherals, completes the evolution. Compared to other tablets, it remains without rival."

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