Thursday, March 03, 2011

Why pretty much everybody will want Apple’s iPad 2

David Morgenstern writes for ZDNet:
"Steve Jobs takes the stage in San Francisco and announces the second generation of iPad,"

"But many analysts were ho-hum, saying that Apple's incremental change isn't compelling enough for anyone other than fanboys,"

"Wrong. Nearly everybody will want one. Everybody."

"For the same price schedule, Apple is offering customers a device that's a third thinner, and twice as fast, while still keeping the same strong 10-hour battery lives. Oh, and then there are the cameras, and mirrored video out," 

"What is clear from the many tablets that were announced and then pulled off the market over the past year is that Apple started off at a very high level. They don't have to reinvent the model. Instead, this solid incremental upgrade won't likely stall enterprise deployments. It's not such a difference that a company might wait to requalify the platform. Instead, they will proceed."

"Here's the real message: Apple is the company in the lead of the tablet market and everyone else is playing catchup."

The full article here.

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