Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Facebook Flaws Create a Massive Opportunity for Apple's iCloud

Apple has been preparing for this era of the cloud for years, but because of the company's tight-lipped policy, nobody knows what's coming. All we know is that it's spent over $1 billion to built the world's largest data center in North Carolina -- but nobody knows what it will be used for. That Apple stock is now trading off-calendar, has abandoned its predictable constrained trading range, and is priced at the lowest level of the Jobs era with a forward p/e of 9, mean the stock is setting up for some fantastic upside volatility in conjunction with a revamp of the mobile ecosystem.

The run after this Nasdaq rebalance could be fueled by a sense of uncertain optimism that Apple stock hasn't seen for awhile. It will be very interesting to identify the new characteristics of Apple stock behavior beginning next week.


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