Thursday, July 21, 2011

Has Apple Already Won the Tablet War?

"Apple may have already won the tabletwars
"Yesterday, before Apple announced it had sold another 9.4 million iPads, to bring the total up to somewhere near 37 million , I saw an eye-opening chart from research firm the Yankee Group [see below] that put the growing tablet market in the starkest terms imaginable."

"Though it says 'Thousands' of units, it really represents millions. As the bars show, the market is growing fast and sales of tablets appear to double in 2012," 

"Keep in mind that this is all tablets, not just iPads. There's another healthy growth year in 2013, but by 2015, the growth has all but flattened out."

Yankee Group U.S. Tablet Forecast 2011-2015


Lance Ulanoff reports for PC Magazine, read the full article here.

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