Monday, March 05, 2012

Archbishop Mitty High School embraces iPad as learning tool (Video)

It's midmorning and the faces of the students in Tim Wesmiller's religious studies class are bathed in the baby-blue glow of their iPad screens.

Instead of sitting in rigid rows of desks staring at a blackboard, as they would in a typical classroom, kids huddle in groups to brainstorm and blog about Indian culture. Lessons flash from tablets to digitalized white board and back. The "lecture" is a blend of YouTube videos and interactive maps. There's very little paper and no sign of chalk.

Faculty and students in this two-year iPad pilot project at Archbishop Mitty High School say this is the future of education.

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"We still use paper and pencils sometimes," says Jeremy Pedro, a soft-spoken junior. "But our homework is mostly digital. Paper homework is a thing of the past."

So are one-dimensional science lessons, teachers glued to the front of the classroom, and backpacks stuffed to the gills with backbreaking textbooks.

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